I am your go-to if you’re after a natural and gentle alternative for exfoliation. I am infused with Iceland Moss Extract and Plant-Derived Cellulose ingredients to help regain your healthy cycle of skin cell turnover and leaves your skin feeling soft.


I’ll comfort your skin when you’re feeling stressed and will provide you with a glow-me-up.

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  • Rubus Chamaemorus Seed Extract: Ingredient helps hydrate your skin with rich amounts of unsaturated fat acid and Vitamin C.


    pHA (lactobionic acid): Exfoliates and moisturises your skin.


    BHA (salicylic acid): Removes dead skin cells and helps eliminate pores.


    Witch Hazel Leaf Extract: Help care for your skin pores and protect skin from external environmental factors.

    Peppermint Leaf Extract: Helps soothe and refresh your skin, giving it a burst of energy.

    Papain: Helps manage your skin’s vitality with dead skin cells removal

    Wintergreen Leaf Extract: Assists in removing dead skin cells with skin turn over activation.

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