I am a no-rinse cleansing water brimming with 83% Icelandic Moss Extract to nourish and gently dissolve the day’s grime aka dirt, pores and makeup.


Use me to wake up tired skin, without stripping away natural oils. I’ll leave your skin bare-faced and totally impressed.


I’m perfect for those who want a suits-all solution, making me perfect for your weekend getaway bag or travels. 

Thank You Farmer - Back to Iceland Cleansing Water

  • I contain 7 ingredients

    Iceland Moss Extract: Helps protect skin and supply it with the nutrients it needs. Especially after a night of magaritas and tacos. 


    Strawberry Seed Extract: Contains Vitamin C and supplies your skin with moisture. Drink up ladies. 


    Lemon Grass Extract: Gives your skin a Bella Hadid glow.


    Winter Green Extract: Removes dead skin cells. RIP.


    Peppermint Leaf Extract: Provides your skin with refreshing and soothing care.


    Witch Hazel Extract: Kills the harmful bacteria that causes acne and provides soothing properties that can decrease the redness and inflammation on the skin.


    Papain: Provides skin with moisture.

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