I’m that quickie your skin deserves. Use me when your skin is feeling pissed off. I’ll brighten, purify and leave your skin nice and clear. My boost of vitamins will relieve your skin from all those boy dramas. Urgh.


Not only am I super refreshing, but I also provide rapid relief for damaged or flushed skin


Recommended usage time is within 6 months after opening. Refrigeration is highly recommended.

I'm From - Vitamin Tree Mask

  • Containing 8.7% Vitamin leaves: Vitamin leaves are rich in calcium, which strengthens the skin’s barrier. Excellent at the prevention of oxidation.


    Cloud berry: Provides rich nutrients to the skin and helps balance the oil content.


    Snow lotus: Provides skin with moisture.


    Rose of Jericho: Helps regulate the skin’s moisture balance.

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