I’m a pH balancing toner formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients including certified-organic Sahara Cactus Seed Oil. My special formula helps to maintain your skin’s optimal pH balance whilst leaving it clear and hydrated.


Hypoallergenic and ultra-mild, I'm ideal for all skin types, including those dealing with sensitive skin. My slightly viscous texture leaves skin comforted and smooth. I'm formulated without parabens, alcohol, synthetic dyes or mineral oils.

Huxley - Toner Extract It

  • Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil: This is a precious ingredient discovered in an extreme environment. The ingredient is far lighter with a greater moisturising effect than argan oil due to its high content of linoleic acid.


    Why is it formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients?

    The most common ingredient used in cosmetic formulations is purified water. I’m abundantly formulated with naturally derived ingredients including Cactus Extract in place of purified water.

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