Some days you’ll catch Daisy glowing and flawless.

The next she’s greasier than that pizza you ate last night.

We all have a Daisy, she is our confidence and insecurities rolled into one.

She is your sun-kissed freckles, your too-much-cake pimple or your working late wrinkles.

She is also your natural blush, your no-makeup dewy tone or your perfect post-workout complexion.


No, we’re not talking about flowers, daisy, and a Wild Daisy more importantly, is your skin, unruly and plain, dull and glowing, all at the same time.

Here at Wild Daisy, we only believe in products that work, and ingredients that make your skin happy. We’ve been super picky and spent months and months testing our products making sure they’ll do what you’ll need them to.

Just like your BFF, we’re here for you when you’re not feeling your best, we’ll listen to your dramas, and will always be here when you need a glow up.

Stay cute ...


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